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The Benefits of Dustless Blasting

Dustless blasting has shown itself to be more cost-effective, versatile and environmentally-friendly than conventional dry blasting methods, whilst also achieving better results in a huge range of different applications. We have used our dustless blasting equipment and machines throughout Adelaide and across South Australia, working with a variety of customers large and small, and they too have come to appreciate how dustless blasting is able to achieve results that other forms of abrasive blasting can’t match.

Faster Dustless blasting is able to achieve results far more quickly than other blasting methods. This is because the blast media is contained within water and this reduces the friction when it hits the surface. The media is therefore able to penetrate and then remove corrosion, old layers of paint and/or protective coatings far more quickly.
Prevents warping The fact that the blast media is encased in water when it is propelled onto a substrate surface means that far less he…

10 Great Reasons to Hire Our Dustless Blasting Machines


Quill Falcon Australia | Adelaide Sandblasting Equipment and Machinery

From portable wet abrasive blasting machines to trailer blasting systems for larger projects, and whether you are looking to buy your own machine or hire one for any length of time, +Quill Falcon Australia can supply abrasive blasting equipment that is suitable for every type of application.
Our sandblasting and dustless blasting machines are easy to set up and operate, and we offer full training to ensure that you can use our wet abrasive blasting equipment safely and simply.
Sandblasting can be used in a wide variety of applications The Quill Falcon Kwikblast Precision Dustless Blasting System can be used in a wide variety of applications and locations, including both large industrial sites and small-scale domestic projects: industrial steel preparationremoving rust, paint and industrial coatingsboat and ship cleaning and maintenanceremoving corrosion from marine structuresgraffiti removalline marking removalcleaning steel, wood and fibreglass structuresremoving marks, stains and ru…